The Opossum and the Fairy

Inspired by this beautiful artwork: Creatures of flesh and blood live on food, on water, on air and sunlight. They grow old over time, even as they consume these things, and eventually they wither and die. Their bodies decay, falling back into the ground and becoming food for others. Creatures of magic do not … Continue reading The Opossum and the Fairy

Stanley’s Pet Emporium, Pt. 3

Part 1: Part 2: TW: misgendering, demonic violence   I draped my coat over a chair on the table, and walked to the cabinets on the far side of the apartment. I set my phone on the counter next to a shot class. One of the cabinets had a sign proclaiming “whiskey” taped … Continue reading Stanley’s Pet Emporium, Pt. 3

Stanley’s Pet Emporium, Pt. 2

Part 1: Part 3: I walked back into the pet store, Aisley behind me. There was a bio team crouched around the wolf, poking at its neck and gesturing with an urgent energy. Their voices were too muffled for me to make out anything they were saying. I ignored them. I glanced at … Continue reading Stanley’s Pet Emporium, Pt. 2

Stanley’s Pet Emporium, Pt. 1

Part 2: Part 3: It wasn’t quite nine in the morning, and I already wanted a drink. Coffee or whiskey, it didn’t really matter which. “I didn’t see anything, man!” Scratch that. I definitely wanted the whiskey. There were only two witnesses to the crime who spoke any english, and I was trying … Continue reading Stanley’s Pet Emporium, Pt. 1